• Annual Meeting

The next Annual Meeting will be held in January or February of 2023 (date and time TBA).

The last Annual Meeting was held virtually via ZOOM on Saturday, January 29th at 3 pm.  

Highlands Rosedale Homeowners Association No. Two Inc.
                   Annual Meeting Agenda for June 29th

1.  Call to Order
2.  Roll Call - establish Quorum
3.  Proof of Notice of Meeting - January 4, 2022 email to members
4.  Approval of Minutes of December 9, 2021 Board Meeting via Zoom
5.  Treasurers Report
        a.  2021 income/Expense Statement
        b.  2022 Budget
6.  Annual Financial Audit Report
7.  Old Business
8.  New Business
9.  Open Discussion  
10. Adjournment  

    • Board of Directors Meeting

    Regular BOD meetings will be held periodically and members will be notified by email prior to all meetings. The last BOD meeting was held directly after the Annual Meeting on January 29, 2022.

    • Attending Board of Directors Meetings

    Board of Directors meetings are open to all HD2 Association Members. Notification of upcoming meetings will be posted on this website. Members will also be notified of board meetings by email.  If you would like to attend a Board Meeting, please feel free to join us.  If you would like to address the board for any reason, please email the board using the link at the address below 24 hours prior to the meeting with your topic of discussion and the approximate amount of time you will need.  We will happily add you to the agenda.

    Board of Directors Email:  Hd2Directors@rosedalehd2.com