Guidelines for Submitting Architectural Change Requests

Rosedale Master Association Covenants, Conditions and Assessments Article VI requires that approval be obtained prior to doing any exterior improvements. All homeowners must complete and submit a Rosedale Homeowners Association Property Change Request (ARC) form prior to making any changes to the exterior of their home. This includes landscaping changes, driveways, roofs, exterior paint, pools, pool cages, lawn ornaments (excluding holiday d├ęcor), tree removal, and the like. If you are uncertain whether you should complete an ARC Request, please contact your HOA ARC coordinator or Resource Property Management (RPM). Following is an excerpt from Article VI summarizing the requirements. 

From Master Association CC&Rs:
Article VI (a) - Architectural Control and Variance - No improvement or structure of any kind, including any building, fence, wall, swimming pool, tennis court or other game court or structure, screen enclosure, water or sewer line, drain, mailbox solar energy device, decorative building, statues, ornamental objects, landscaping, landscape device or object, or other improvement shall be commenced, erected, placed or maintained upon any lot nor shall any addition change or alteration be made, nor shall any excavation be commenced, unless and until the plans, specifications and location of the same have been submitted to, and approved in writing by the Master Association's Architectural Review Committee (ARC)."

Note:  Fences will not be approved within the HD2 HOA.

Click here for instruction on how to submit the
Rosedale Homeowners Architectural Change
Request Form and the link to download the form.

Submitting the completed Architectural Change Request Form
to Highlands II Neighborhood Homeowners Assoc.

Click here to create an email and attach your
completed Request change .pdf form
and all attachments and exhibits for submission.
or mail or deliver the documents to
HD2 Architectural Review Committee
(Bill Leming - 9762 51st Terrace East.

Note:  Mailing could potentially delay action if the recipient is out of town for any period of time. To insure that we have received your request, please click here to send an email confirming your mail submission.

Upon approval by the HD2 Architectural Review Committee or Board of Directors, the request will be forwarded through Resource Property Management to the Rosedale Master Association ARC for final review and approval. Approval by the HD2 Association and the Rosedale Master Association ARC are required before proceeding with your project.