Lawn care and landscape maintenance for our Association is provided by Teal Lawn.

Teal Schedule for Landscape Services for 2022


All Bushes per Your Request
February, April, June, August and October

Turf Fertilization
January, April, June, August and November

Irrigation Inspection
March, May, September and November

Palm Trees
All Palm trees will be fertilized with granular product
February/March (as long as Mark can get product)

Spraying Bushes
All bushes will be sprayed in March and September with liquid fertilization, pesticides and fungicide.

Fences:  As we have a bulk lawn care contract that services all lawns at the same time, fences are not allowed as it would impede the lawn care maintenance crews and add to lawn maintenance costs for the extra time to access fenced areas.

Irrigation System Repair Policy: The HOA or Landscape Contractor will cover the cost of sprinkler head repair / replacement as well as modest costs (under $25) to repair broken water lines, damaged control valve wiring and valve repair.  Costs over $25 including valve replacement and control box replacement/repair will be the Homeowner's cost.

For questions, issues, and special requests, Teal Lawn may be contacted at:

Mark Dover, General Manager

Teal Lawn

4242 Gypsy

Sarasota, FL  34233