Lawn care and landscape maintenance for our Association in 2023 is provided by Westcoast Landscape & Lawns. 

Services Provided

A.  Mowing, Line Trimming, Hard Surface Trimming, Shrub/Tree Trimming (Up to 10 ‘): 40 Visits per Year.  Shrubs will be trimmed with every mowing.

B.  Weed Control (including plant beds, tree rings, and sidewalk/driveway joints):       concurrent with Mowing.

C.  Clean Up:  Blow off hard surfaces, driveways, patios, etc. littered in the maintenance process:  concurrent with Mowing.

D.  Irrigation:  Inspect all rotors, pop-ups, Control panels and adjust any rotors or spray heads needed to adequately water existing irrigated areas.  Repairs to the system caused by conditions under which Westcoast is NOT directly responsible will be invoiced separately and will require pre-approval from property representative.  Note:  HD2 will continue to pay for repairs costing less than $25.00 and repairs over that amount will be the responsibility of the individual homeowner:  concurrent with Mowing.

E.  Fertilization:  Fertilize or inspect all turf areas as well as ornamental plant material with each application:  Monthly

    1.  Turf grass insect control:  Monthly inspection;  spot treated as necessary.

    2.  Turf disease control:  Monthly inspection;  spot treated as necessary.

    3.  Broadleaf control:  Monthly inspection; spot treated as necessary.

    4.  Shrub disease control:  Monthly inspection;  spot treated as necessary.

    5.  Shrub fertilization:  twice annually. (March and November)

Note:  Blanket treatments are NOT included but available as additional service at additional cost to the individual homeowner.

Contact Info including Special/ Emergency Contact Info:

     Scott Norris
     Westcoast Landscape and Lawns
     Account Manager

     Cell:  941-706-8274
     Office:  1-877-707-LAWN (5296)
     FAX:  727-544-6330